Alternative name: 

Paul Reed Smith

product types: 

  • acoustic strings
  • cables
  • cases
  • electric strings
  • picks (plectrums)
  • straps
  • tuners
  • cabinets
  • tube amplifiers
  • chorus effects
  • compression and sustain effects
  • distortion effects
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars
  • bridges
  • hardware
  • knobs
  • machineheads (tuning keys)
  • nuts
  • Humbuckers


Paul Reed Smith Guitars (PRS Guitars) was founded in 1985 in Annapolis, Maryland by Paul Reed Smith. Smith started building guitars while still in college and soon decided to make it his career. In the early days he was making around 1 guitar a month. He would hanging out at the local concert venues and talk his way backstage to to show his guitars to the touring musicians. He would occasionally make a sale this way: Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola, Howard Leese, and other well known players agreed to try out his guitars. After getting some success with orders for more than 50 guitars, he made two prototypes and took them on the road to demo to East Coast guitar dealers. This generated enough orders for him to start his company.

In 1985, Paul Reed Smith began making their first production model - the PRS Standard. This was followed in 1988 by the more affordable bolt-on series known as classic electric (CE) models (discontinued in 2009). A 22-fret model - the PRS EG was introduced in 1990 with strat-style pickguard and controls.1994 saw a collaboration with Ted McCarty and which produced the PRS McCarty Series, with a more vintage sound and feel. The Korean made PRS SE series was introduced in 2000 to cover the more affordable end of the market. A single cut model, released in 2001, soon saw a legal challenge for trademark infringement from Gibson - but this was overruled on appeal. PRS expanded their product range in 2009, adding acoustic guitars and amplifiers to the line up. PRS had another go at the strat design with the Silver Sky model in 2018.

Source: Paul Reed Smith Guitars website (18 May 2022)


Paul Reed Smith Guitars
380 Log Canoe Circle
21666 Stevensville , MD
United States
Maryland US

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