Pear Custom Guitars

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  • electric guitars


Pear Custom Guitars were made by Tom Palecki in Pleasanton, California from 1986 to 1995. Palecki was a product designer who began painting guitar bodies in his garage. He soon began developing his own designs - the first being the Voyager model. In 1991 he moved from his garage to open PEAR Custom Guitars and PEAR Design in a commercial building in Pleasanton, California.  He installed a professional paint spray booth and some machine tools to help in the building bodies and necks. There were other Pear Custom models: the Shark and the Voyager II as well as special custom models like a Skull guitar made for the Murder Bay guitarist. In 2007 Palecki moved to Arizona and set up a new workshop - Arizona Guitars.

Source: Arizona Guitars website (archived 2009)


Pear Custom Guitars (historical address)
1039 Serpentine Lane Suite E
94566 Pleasanton , CA
United States
California US