Pepe Romero

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As the son of classical and flamenco guitarist Pepe Romero, Pepe Romero Junior grew up playing some of the world’s greatest guitars from the collection of his father.  He had the chance to examine guitars made by Torres, Esteso, Santos Hernandez, Hauser, and Miguel Rodriguez which set the standard for the classical guitar as we know it today. At the age of 18 Pepe built a guitar at the workshop of Dake Traphagen and determined to become a luthier himself.  Over the years Pepe spent time in the workshop of Miguel Rodriguez and went to study with and receive guidance from J.L. Romanillos, Manuel Contreras II, Yuris Zeltins and Edmund Blöchinger.  Pepe's style of building is influenced by the Rodriguez guitars but he is also inspired by the elegance and tone of guitars by Santos Hernandez and Domingo Esteso. As of autumn 2018, Pepe had made over 301 guitars.

Source: Pepe Romero luthier website (28 January 2020)


Pepe Romero, Luthier San Diego , CA
United States
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