Peter Tsiorba

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Peter Tsiorba makes classical and flamenco guitars in Portland, Oregon. He made his first guitar in 2001. Tsiorba grew up in Uzbekistan in the Soviet Union. He became interested in luthiery in the late 1990s - learning through books, via the internet and the Guild of American Luthiers (GAL). He travelled to visit luthier workshops in Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovenia. His opened first small workshop was in Keene, New Hampshire, where he built his first 6 guitars. After several years on the East Coast of the USA, he moved back to Portland, Oregon, where he continues his lutherie business.

Source: Tsiorba Guitars website (5 May 2021)


Tsiorba Guitars Studio
3816 SE Liebe Street
97202 Portland , OR
United States
Oregon US