product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Sherwood T. "Woody" Phifer makes handcrafted electric, acoustic and bass guitars. His clients include: Ronny Jordan, Mos Def, Will Lee, Ron Carter, Stanley Clarke, Wyclef Jean, and George Benson. Phifer started as an apprentice at Guitar Lab with Charles LoBue, in New York City in 1971.  He soon became the primary repairman in the shop, and began to develop his own designs. In 1976, Sherwood opened his own shop on 48th street, Manhattan, NY. 

According to Phifer :

"Most companies use generic hardware parts that are made out of metal and composite materials, I have designed my own bridge and tailpiece systems. My bridge is made of wood and is fully adjustable. It provides a more acoustic sound with a longer sustain. I've also developed my own internal structures that enhance the instrument's tone."

Source: Phifer Guitars website (12 December 2018)


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