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Pietro Gallinotti (1885-1979) one of the great Italian luthiers, was born in Solero, Italy. He apprenticed as cabinet maker in Genova, from age 10 until his late 20s. He was drafted into the army in World War I, and while a prisoner of war in Czechoslovakia used his wood working skills to make a violin. Following the war he returned home to Solero and opened a stringed instrument work shop where he made violins, violas & cellos.

Gallinotti also made mandolins, and copies of guitars by Gaetano Guadagnini. Gallinotti studied the Spanish school of construction - by repairing guitars of Santos Hernandez, Simplicio, and Julian Gomez Ramirez. In 1949 he was able to study the 1937 Hauser guitar  belonging to Andres Segovia when Segovia came to Alessandria to give a concert and needed a minor repair on the instrument.

His reputation cotinued to grow in the 1950s and 1960s and his guitars were played by many professional guitarists including Aliro Diaz. He died in 1979 but he is not forgotten and exhibitions & concerts have been held in his honor and a book on his life & work was published in 2006 by Mario da Ara and Mario Grimaldi.

Gallinotti's only pupil and assistant was his son Carlo Gallinotti.

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