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Orlando Quagliardi founded an accordion making company in Castelfidardo, Italy in 1921. Quagliardi was one of the first Italian accordion companies to start making guitars. They usually used their Welson brand name, but their guitars were also distributed under the Dynacord (in Germany) and Wurlitzer (in the USA) brands. The first Welson solid bodies appeared in 1962 and were similar to the Bartolini-Gemelli Galaxy model. As the 1960s went on Welson focused on semi-acoustic archtops and a 335 style model - Welson had a reputation as one of Italy's best guitar makers. The 1970s saw a decline in Welson guitar making and a shift towards electronic keyboards, although a Welson custom shop persisted in making a few high quality guitars. The Quagliardi company closed down in 1981.

Source: Fetish Guitars - Quagliardi (15 February 2019)


Orlando Quagliardi & Figli Castelfidardo , AN
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