product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


The Quest brand name was introduced in 1984 by Musical Technologies Inc (MTI) of Long Island, New York. MTI introduced Quest as a heavy metal guitar and bass brand and the instruments were made by Matsumoku in Japan. Matsumoku closed in 1987 so its likely that these Quest guitars were discontinued before that date.

The Quest brand name was revived in 1997 by Toshi Owa who founded Quest International Ltd: a Japanese musical Instrument distributor. Owa was previously an R&D manager at Matsumoku and he has built on this experience to create his own new brands such as Landscape and MD-Guitar. In 2008 Quest opened a workshop in Shiojiri-city next to Matsumoto in Nagano.

Source: Quest catalog (1984)

Source: Quest International Ltd website (23 March 2018)


Quest International Ltd.
1756-1, Takaide Hirooka
399-0703 Shiojiri-city , 20
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