Reid (David Antony)

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • electric guitars


David Antony Reid is a custom guitar maker based in Perth, Scotland. He started making acoustic guitars in 1998, before completing an engineering degree. He then studied luthiery and went on to invent several modern guitar construction innovations such as the double-edged-scalloped fretboard, the ergonomic guitar neck, the dual compensated saddle, the multiple frequency soundboard and the multiple diffraction/reflection back. Reid is known for his use of reclaimed and recycled materials, such as 3000+ year old bog oak, 100 year old fallen sequoia, re-claimed old Cuban and Brazilian mahogany which had previously been fire surrounds, bank counters and staircase posts; English fruit trees, sycamores and maples which fell during the 1987 hurricane in the south of England. Due to recent, serious ill health discoveries in his lungs, and severe alergic reactions to all woods, David has been forced to retire from guitar making, but continues to repair and restore instruments at his Perth workshop in Scotland. 

Source: David Antony Reid website (17 June 2019)


David Antony Reid Perth , PER
United Kingdom
Perthshire GB