product types: 

  • electric guitars


Relish Guitars was founded in 2010 in Switzerland by Pirmin Giger and Silvan Küng. Relish guitars have several innovative features:

  • Pickup swapping - the Relish patented system allows swapping pickups in seconds without soldering.
  • Relish touch control - the Relish Jane model has a touch pad control with 17 possible pickup selection settings.
  • Floating sandwich construction - Relish guitars are made with a central aluminum frame sandwiched between two wood panels. These are held on by magnets and can be quickly removed.
  • Bamboo fretboard - low maintenance and harder wearing than rosewood.
  • Moulded wood veneer - wood panels are made from seven veneer layers are glued and pressed into shape
  • Bent neck - the headstock angle is achieved without a joint by bending the wood.
  • Ghost piezo - the piezo bridge creates a warm and natural acoustic sound.

Source: Relish Guitars website (5 May 2019)


Relish Brothers AG Switzerland
Industriestrasse 16
6203 Sempach Station