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Reverend is the brainchild of Joe Naylor. Joe studied at the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. After graduating in 1987 he designed and built custom guitars before establishing the Reverend brand in 1997. Initially Reverend offered American-made, vintage-style guitars, that weren't knock offs of the classic Gibson/Fender designs. If anything their body shapes looked a little like the budget mail order models of the sixties (Airline, Harmony, Sears etc.) or Italian and German made models of the same era. Joe was also cofounder of J.F. Naylor Engineering (Naylor Amps). Currently based in Toledo, Ohio, Reverend is run by Ken and Penny Haas. who bought the company in 2009, and has a wider range of guitar models. All of the guitars are designed by Joe Naylor, manufactured in South Korea by boutique guitar manufacturer Mirr Music with final set up by the Reverend technical team.

Source: Reverend website (6 March 2021)


Reverend Guitars
3132 Wilford Suite A
43617 Toledo , OH
United States
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