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Manuel Reyes Senior (1934-2014) started making guitars in the 1950s. His early work was influenced by tips received from the great flamenco guitar maker Marcelo Barbero, whom he visited once and corresponded with for a short while until Barbero's untimely death in 1956. He had to learn this way due to the lack of apprentice opportunities in Cordoba. His self taught skills had matured by the late 1960s and his guitars from the 1970s are much superior to his early work - leading to his reputation as the best maker of flamenco guitars in the whole of Spain of this period. He retired in 2011 and died in 2014. His son Manuel Reyes Junior carries on the name having been working in his father's workshop since the late 1990s and making guitars in his own name since 2000

Source: Mundo Flamenco - Manuel Reyes (9 June 2018)

Source: The Art of Flamenco. D.E. Pohren. 2005. Bold Strummer


Manuel Reyes
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