Richard Schneider

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  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Richard Lawrence Schneider (1936-1997) made classical guitars in Sequim, Washington. Schneider was born in Michigan and attended university in Minnesota. He spent two years in the army before starting an apprenticeship with Maestro Juan Pimentel in Mexico. He learned classical guitar construction and opened his own guitar studio and workshop where he repaired and made guitars. He also provided
instruction and apprenticeship programs to in stringed instrument making. In 1967 he started a collaboration with Michael Kasha (1920-2013) of Florida State University. For many years they worked to develop new acoustical designs for the classical guitar - their design featured an asymmetric bridge and offset soundhole.

Source: Richard Schneider obituary by J.T. Hargreaves (1997)


Richard Schneider Guitars, Lost Mountain Center for the Guitar Sequim , WA
United States
Washington US