Richter (Mfg Co)

product types: 

  • banjos
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars


richter mfg co the richter mfg. co. was founded at chicago, il by carl h. richter in 1926 to market instruments. they were no longer listed in 1944 [source: mugwumps] chicago made guitars. according to posts at guitarsite in 2003-4 there are guitars made by richter mfg co at least from from 1929-1937 richter also made buckeye brand guitars, sweetheart (a brand name used by chicago distributors targ & dinner for ukuleles and banjoleles) plus instruments for a lot of other distributors. one name i believe they used on their own instruments was princess. richter appear to have contracted out banjo making. richter painted guitars advertisement musc trades 1930 [source: lardy's ukulele corner] instruments made by richter include parlor and classical guitars. richter also made cowboy guitars with brands "the plainsman" featuring a scene from a gary cooper movie (1936) of the same name. "the plainsman" was sold by montgomery ward 1938-1943 according to an ebay item. richter also made "home on the range" cowboy guitars for montgomery wards from 1938-1939. [source: cowboy guitars, by steve evans, ron middlebrook, roy rogers] they also made archtops for montgomery ward [source: bluesbox collection] see buckeye brand cowboy guitars (book) images of richter the plainsman (1938-1943) courtesy of vintage cowboy guitars: richter headstock ebay.