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  • bass guitars
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Ritz electric guitars were hand made in the USA. This short lived company was founded in 1988 with investment from Brad Becnel and Cliff Wildes, the creative involvement of Eric Galletta and his uncle Alejandro Soler and the manufacturing expertise of Wayne Charvel. Ritz focussed on superstrat electric guitars and basses. They were made in Wayne Charvel's workshop in Ontario and he supervised their design, assembly, testing and quality control. Around 150 were made in total. Their most eye catching guitars were the Neptune series models which had bodies completely covered in a cracked shell mosaic finish (invented by Alejandro S. Soler). Only around 25 of these Neptune guitars were made before the company went out of business in 1989. Neptune sea-shell finish guitars are still available from Eric Galletta.

Source: Ritz Guitar Company catalog 1989

Source: Alejandro S. Soler patent for cracked shell finish 1989


Ritz Guitar Company
19 Homewood
06500 Woodbridge , CT
United States
Connecticut US