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Riverhead was a brand name of Headway. Established in 1984 by Satoshi “Kei” Yatsuzuka (founder of Headway Co., Ltd. and Deviser Co., Japan), Riverhead guitars and basses were produced in Japan from 1983 onwards and exported across the world, mainly to the United States, Canada and Europe among others.  Various electric guitar and bass models such as the Wizard Series, Jerk Series, Phantom Series, Jupiter Series, RS Series, and Unicorn Series. These instruments often had cutting-edge designs -  the Riverhead Unicorns for example were headless Burns Flyte style guitars. In 1984, due to the economic crisis in Japan, the production of Riverhead guitars stopped. The brand was revived in 1992 for the domestic Japanese market until 2005, when Kei Yatsuzuka established a manufacturing plant in the Philippines. In 2015, as the Philippines factory was firmly established, Kei Yatsuzuka once again revived the Riverhead brand.

Source: Riverhead website (2 October 2019)