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Guitar-maker Rob Clarke may be better known as a presenter of guitar recitals in Adelaide during the 1990s, including Slava Grigoryan’s first Adelaide recital. Now a guitar-maker, Rob’s traditionally-built guitars have met with immediate success.

Rob’s inspiration comes from hearing a recording of Andrés Segovia playing Bach in the 1960s, with a guitar of exquisite tone and clarity. It took 40 years before finding the right information to give him the confidence to attempt to build such a guitar. Shortly after completing it, Pavel Steidl, in a rare visit to Adelaide, was able to demonstrate that it had all the tone and power of that Segovia recording. Since then, Slava Grigoryan, Karen Schaupp and UK artists John Mills and Craig Ogden have all confirmed Pavel’s opinion.

Rob’s guitars are traditionally built with cedar tops and handmade rosettes, with a typical rosette using between 3,000 to 5,000 tiny pieces of coloured wood to create a pattern.

Source : Adelaide International Guitar Festival 2007 brochure


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