Roberts (Luthiery)

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  • banjos
  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars


Roberts Luthiery is dedicated to the design and construction of Premium Quality Custom Flat-top, Archtop, and Resonator Guitars as well as mandolins. Roberts Luthiery was started by Bob Mizek who began repairing acoustic and electric stringed instruments in 1976. Bob was taught fine wood-wooking techniques by master cabinet maker Fred Ott and learned some guitar repair by long-time friend and master luthier, Jim Beach of Wooden Music in Chicago. In 1979, Bob opened Midnight Guitar Works, a guitar repair center that provided high-quality instrument repair and set-up service to Chicago area music stores. By observing what went wrong with the instruments he serviced, Bob learned what construction methods and materials would lead to problems for the musician. Bob paid close attention to the tactile "feel" of each guitar as well as its individual tone. He worked on a number of instruments that would be considered priceless today, and noticed what made them special then, and now.

In 1981, Bob began building custom electric guitars for musicians that wanted a custom look, sound, or feel from their guitar. Inspired by Roger Siminoff's break-through books on mandolin and banjo construction, Bob began offering custom left-hand banjos and mandolins and continued to do instrument repair and build electric guitars. Bob's first son, Steven Mizek, was born in 1984 and Midnight Guitar Works closed in 1987 when it became apparent guitars should take a back-set to spending time with his wife Pam, son Steven, and later, son Jeffrey. Bob promised himself that when the boys were grown, guitar construction would be back in his life.

Bob has since studied under Dale Unger, Master Luthier and owner of American Archtops in Pennsylvania and Tim Teel, the Director of R&D with "America's Guitarmaker," CF Martin Guitars of Nazareth, PA. He also uses some of the knowledge gained while being the Director of Engineering at New Archery Products to make guitars more robust while enhancing tonality.

Source: Roberts Luthiery website (archived 2011)



Roberts Luthiery
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