Parent brand: 

product types: 

  • amplifier attenuators
  • headphone amplifiers


Rockman headphone amplifiers were developed by Tom Scholz (Scholz Research & Development, Inc.) and introduced in 1982. The headphone amp had the same form factor as the popular Sony Walkman cassette player - hence the Rockman name. The Rockman Headphone Amplifiers began with a device aimed at emulating a full studio setup for guitarists, featuring built-in effects and quality construction. The lineup evolved over the years, including various models like the original Rockman, Rockman II, Ultralight, and X100, each offering unique features and improvements in sound quality and functionality. The series expanded to include simpler models like the Ace family, and professional-grade Rockmodules for more complex setups. The brand's impact is notable in music production, with several albums recorded using these products.