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Ronin Guitars hand made from reclaimed old growth redwood in California. Ronin electric guitars are made by Izzy Lugo and John Reed, while Ronin’s acoustic models are built by John's father Jack Reed. The project started when Jack Reed took a chainsaw to an old-growth stump on his property in Humboldt County and made a guitar out of it for John. John Reed teamed up with guitar tech Izzy Lugo and opened a guitar store in New York selling these guitars made from salvaged redwood, before relocating the business to California. In 2016 they revamped the Ronin range, introducing some great original designs alongside their versions of the classic Strat, Les Paul and Tele shapes. Their guitars are not exclusively made from salvaged redwood - you will find mahogany and maple examples.

Source: Ronin Guitars website (16 January 2019)


Ronin Guitars
Humboldt County
United States
California US