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Ernst Heinrich Roth was born in Markneukirchen in 1877 - the son of violin maker Gustav Robert Roth. In 1902 Ernst founded his own business with his cousin Gustav August Ficker. Their business was highly successful both in Germany and across Europe. Ernst's sons were also involved in the business: Albert trained as a violin-maker while Ernst Heinrich Roth II trained in the commercial side of the business. In 1921 at the age of nineteen, Ernst Heinrich Roth II moved to America. He founded the company Roth and Scherl with his friend Alban Scherwas founded and imported Roth instruments and other products to the North American market.

The Roth company continued in Markneukirchen until the beginning of the Third Reich but the political climate made it difficult to export instruments and the workforce had to be reduced. In 1939 Albert Roth was conscripted to the army. In his absence Ernst Heinrich Roth and some apprentices carried on making instruments until Albert returned after the war. At this time difficulties in trading out of the Soviet occupied areas affected business. Albert Roth took over the company following Ernst Heinrich Roth I's death but the company was soon wound-up for legal reasons.

Albert Roth relocated the company to the newly founded Federal Republic of Germany and in 1953 started trading again and resumed exporting instruments to Europe and the USA again. Albert Roth died in 1961 and his son Ernst Heinrich Roth III took over the company. He had learnt the violin-making trade at the technical college in Bubenreuth from 1953 to 1955. In 1985 he was joined by his son Wilhelm (who trained at Mittenwald) and both currently mange the Ernst Heinrich Roth company.

Source: Roth Violins website (4 September 2021)


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