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British guitar builder Kevin Chilchott has been making guitars since 1980.  Kevin Chilcott learned his trade with luthier Chris Eccleshall. During the period 1981 to 1989 Chilcott made around 125 guitars most branded "Royal" but some were labelled Chilcott. A notable model from this period was the Electra guitar with a series of holes routed through the body. In 1987 the company became - Regal Guitars UK Ltd and production was moved to an Exeter industrial estate. In 1988 Kevin and his wife Lyn moved the guitar production to Wales.

A progressive disability, which started when he was sixteen, meant Kevin had to close the business had to close the buisiness in 1989, when he was 29 years old. By 2002, however, Chilcott was able to resume guitar building: Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash wanted an Angel Flying V custom built and this kick-started the present day Royale Guitars brand into existence. Chilcott's health problems meant he again had to stop making guitars in 2012.

Source: Royale Guitars website (archived 2010)


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