product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • resonator guitars


Rozawood is the brand name of Roman Zajíček a luthier based in Kolín in the Czech Republic. Roman trained as an engineer and built his first instrument in 1979 while Czechoslovakia was still under communist rule. At this time there was no opportunity to learn luthiery locally but his his uncle living in the U.S.A., sent him some publications on guitar making. With every guitar he built, his reputation as a guitar maker began to spread but it was only a hobby for him for a long time. In 1989, after the Velvet Revolution, Roman started to build guitars officially, but it was still only a side job. In 2003 his output had increased to such a level that he formed a partnership with Pavel which financed the growing production and started to manage the business side of the company. Roman was finally able to make guitars as the full-time job and the new Rozawood workshop was established. Over the years, his unique construction methods have resulted in a wide range of fine, high-end acoustic guitars. In 2015 his son Petr Zajíček joined the Rozawood team.

Source: Rozawood website (4 May 2020)


Havířská 518
280 02 Kolín
Czech Republic