R.S. Williams

product types: 

  • banjos
  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars
  • double bass
  • violins


R.S. Williams & Sons Company was a musical instrument manufacturer founded in Toronto in 1855 by Richard Sugden Williams (1834-1906). he started out making mandolins and banjos before progressing to melodeons and organs. In 1973 Williams founded the The Canadian Organ & Piano Company. In 1888 Williams' son Robert took control of the Canadian Organ & Piano Company; it was moved to Oshawa, Ontario and renamed The R. S. Williams Piano Company of Oshawa. In 1891 the factory was damaged by fire, later repaired.In 1909 the Oshawa factory was changed to R. S. Williams & Sons, Ltd. Robert Williams became president of the company after his father's death, but it ceased business in Toronto because of bankruptcy in 1927; the Oshawa factory closed down in 1931 and was eventually demolished in 1968.


R. S. Williams & Sons Oshawa , ON
Ontario CA