St. Blues

product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • cigar box guitars
  • electric guitars


The Saint Blues brand had its origins in 1960s Memphis. Custom luthiers Charles Lawing and Tom Keckler worked together at Mike Ladd’s Guitar City across the street from Graceland. The first Bluesmaster, the signature St. Blues model, was designed by Lawing and Keckler before Keckler left to help start Schecter Guitars in Los Angeles. Interest of local musicians in the Bluesmaster guitars led to the official creation of the St. Blues brand in 1985. In the five years that followed, St. Blues made over 2500 instruments but for various reasons the company folded in 1989. St. Blues was relaunched in 2005, with the Korean made Pro Series and USA made Workshop Series. Since 2011 the company has focused on the USA made Worksop Series with six electric guitar models as well as cigar-box guitars.


Saint Blues Guitar Workshop
645 Marshall Avenue
38104 Memphis , TN
United States
Tennessee US