Saturnino Rojas

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  • Lutes
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Saturnino Rojas (1859 to 1937) was an instrument maker from Madrid who made guitars, bandurrias, and laúdes in the period 1880 to 1935. Saturnino opened his workshop on the calle Atocha no. 115 in the 1880s. Rojas was the first teacher of Santos Hernandez. Saturnino lived above his workshop with his sister, never marrying. On his retirement in 1936, Marcelo Barbero and Manuel Rodriguez were interested in taking over his workshop - but ultimately did not proceed with the plan.

Source: Historic Spanish guitar makers - Saturnino Rojas (30 August 2023)


Saturnino Rojas, luthier
15 Calle Atocha
Madrid , MD
Madrid ES