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The Saxon brand was used by the Selmer company on a range of Japanese and Korean (Samick) made acoustic., electric and classical guitars during the 1970s.


Saxon made in Japan


    I have a Saxon 12 string acoustic guitar. The label inside reads "Exclusive to Selmer London" and under that it says Made in Japan

    I think those made in Japan in the early seventies were very good quality. I was unaware that they shipped some from Korea


                                                                                                                                                                                     Regards Charlie

Saxon Guitar

I have a Saxon copy of a Stratocaster, purchased by Mail Order in 1978 from Bell Musical Instruments in Surrey. The guitar has natural finish Ash body and Maple neck. The original pick-ups sound a little thin but that was the authentic single coil sound in those days. The quality is extremely high, far above the quality of the genuine Fender guitars being produced in America at that time. My Saxon Strat cost ₤168.00 and the genuine Fender Strat was in the Bell catalogue for ₤269.00. Does anyone have old Bell Musical Instruments Catalogues to scan and put on line - just for nostalgia :)

Bell's catalogue

As a matter of fact, there's one here....Bell's - loved going to that shop! Bought a Columbus Les Paul special copy from there and still have my brother's Saxon acoustic - lovely guitar that still features on recordings that I make!

I have a Saxon 6-string

I have a Saxon 6-string acoustic, handed to me by my Dad who bought it in late 60's/ early 70's London. The guitar has been in pretty much constant use for it's life span, including (against my better judgement!)being gigged pretty hard for the last 5 years with a fishman pickup retrofit, and it has never sounded better nor showed any deterioration. A quality instrument!

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Saxon SG

I have a Saxon SG copy complete with a knock-off Bigsby. It's well-made and in pretty good condition for an instrument that must be almost as old as I am, and it plays and sound great too. Like others, I've heard the rumours that Saxon electrics came from the same source as contemporary foreign made Gibsons and I could believe it given the overall quality.

I part-exed a blonde Hofner Senator for it in 1992 which I still regret, although I have had a lot of joy from this. I'll try to get some pictures and put them up for reference.

saxon humingbird guitar

i have a saxon humingbird guitar i got it of a mate in 70s it.s in great nick and sounds better than any guitar that i have ever heard  it says on the lable inside henry selmer does any one have any info on it please

Hummingbird Copy

Hey everyone, i have a saxon hummibird (Gibson) copy and it's the most beautiful guitar i've ever had, i bought it about a year ago from a guy in my town and he said he remember's when he first brought it, aprantly the guy's in the shop said that these were the exact same part's as the real gibson's made over in japan at the same time, being honest i don't have a clue if he's right or not but the guitar's sound is stunning i've had great friends who are practially pro's play it and they say it's better than any aged gibson they had ever played soo being it's 41st birthday this year i can't conplain was a baragain and one not to be missed best guitar i have ever had! stunner!

how much is my saxon guitar worth?

I have a saxon classical guitar model no 813. Made for selmer in London.
I bought it in 1973. I started to learn and gave up. So guitar been in case in attic since.
Would like to sell but have no idea how much to ask for.
Cann you help.
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Your Saxon guitar

If you've still got it though u must have sold it by now.
I paid £80.00 for a well used model bought from a shop 15yrs ago but had the most amazing tone and action.
I had the neck reset and is still the best
Yours must be worth 300-400 £ at a guess
Let me know if you still have it and want to sell it

Saxon 822

Hi there I have a saxon 822 that was handed down to me from my uncle. And it was his pride & joy. But I do not ave a clue about it or what If any the value.

Saxon Hummingbird Copy

I too have a Saxon Hummingbird - amazing guitar purchased 2nd hand by me in 1978 for £70 (most of my student grant at the time). Tone, action (due to zero fret perhaps) and volume is superb - on my occasional forays in guitar shops I have to stray into Martin or Taylor territory to find anything as good. Has taken a few knocks over the years but the neck is straight - never had to adjsut the truss rod. I'm thinking of selling but there's v. little out there to benchmark against. To replace with something of equivalent quality (an old Seagull perhaps) would cost at least £300. Any ideas of value? 

Saxon Guitars

Hi There, I'm having a clear out of my guitar collection and have a Saxon Western model 825 in virtually un-used condition. It's been protected in it's case since I bought it in the 70's as it was too good looking to play outside of the bedroom: My trusty Epiphone was the daily choice! This has a beautiful inlay on tha back and sounds superb. Anyone know how to get it valued? All info' appreciated.

Saxon 825 and 822

I have both of these models and they are both amazing the 825 is seriously special.

Saxon 813

Hi all, I have a Saxon classic acoustic 813 and in considering selling, any ideas as to value? It's in great condition. Thanks

Saxon Selmer classical guitar No 813

I was bought this classical guitar in the 1970s. It's in almost perfect condition as I didn't play it very much as a child. It has patterned marquetry detail, elaborate machine heads and is a lovely colour. I wonder if anyone can advise me on the current value of this guitar please. Many thanks.  

Saxon 819

I have a Saxon Henri Selmer 819 guitar which looks in mint condition.

Could anyone have any info about it and its value?