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Ed Schaefer has been making hand crafted guitars since the 1970s. He was best known for his archtops but he retired from making these in 2014 - years of hand carving has taken its toll on his hands. He continues to make solid body and flat top guitars. Schaefer was a classical guitar major in college and worked as a repair technician in the early 1970′s at Rhythm Band Instrument Company in Fort Worth, Texas. His job was to take imported guitars and set them up to play as well as possible. He learned a lot about what not to do in making guitars from this experience and began building his own guitars. Eventually he became focused on other interests and spent 11 years in the Caribbean teaching scuba diving and freelancing in underwater photography. On his return to the United States he continued building guitars, specialising in fine archtops.

Source: Schaefer Guitars website (archived 2014)


Ed Schaefer - Schaefer Guitars
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