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Eric Schoenberg is a professional fingerstyle guitarist who became convinced that the Martin Orchestra Model (OM) guitars made from late 1929 through 1933, had the most full and complete fingerstyle tone of any acoustic guitar. After years of trying he finally managed to Martin to make a batch of 6 OM guitars in 1969 (the first since 1933). In 1977 he ordered 6 more special OM-45s from Martin's Custom shop through his Massachusetts store. Dana Bourgeouis made a cutaway version of the OM for Eric in the early 1980s - this was the basis for the prototype Schoenberg guitar which they took to Chris Martin. This began a partnership with Martin to build this design incorporating some guitar parts made by Bourgeouis into the Martin production line and finishing process. Between 1986 to 1994 around 500 Schoenberg guitars emerged from Nazareth, PA, with Martin serial numbers and "Schoenberg" on the headstock.

Today, Schoenberg Guitars are still built one at a time by world-class luthiers including: Bruce Sexauer, Robert Anderson, James Russell, Sparky Kramer and John Slobod.

Source: Schoenberg Guitars website (10 August 2020)


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