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Flip Van Domburg Scipio travelled from Holland to San Diego in 1980 to learn guitar making with Bozo Podunavac. In his 2 months with Bozo he made 2 guitars. He then enrolled in the London College of Furniture which had a six-story musical instrument building school one street from Tower Bridge in Whitechapel. He spent three years building instruments and obtained an ILEA Higher Education Council Diploma in musical instrument technology. In 1985 he started work at the Guild Guitar factory in Rhode Island. He worked there for three years as a repair man under Charlie Lavallee.After a break from the guitar business he returned to a job with Mandolin Brothers where he did repairs. He left in 1997 to start Scipio Guitars on Staten Island as a repair shop that also made guitars.

Source: Flip Scipio website (7 September 2020)


Flip Scipio
Brooklyn , NY
United States
New York US