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Searls guitars were hand made in Ballarat, Australia by Allan Searls. Searls made his first guitar in 1991 while still at school, a bolt on flying V with a donor neck and parts from a Strat copy.  Over the following years he worked on his own guitars as well as having friends bring their own guitars for repairs and upgrades, but he always wanted to learn how to build properly. The push came when he wanted a variation of an existing guitar made and was told by the company sales rep it would cost in excess of $15k for such an instrument. That was the incentive he needed and started the long journey of building for himself.: learning from every luthier that would share their secrets, reading books and copying his favourite guitars followed by lots of trial and error. Searls Guitars grew into one of the largest boutique guitar building workshops in Australia, but in 2019 Searls had to make the difficult decision to stop building guitars.

Source: Searls Guitars website (18 June 2020)


Searls Guitars Ballarat , VIC
Victoria AU