product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Shimamura Music was founded in 1962 by Mototsugu Shimamura as a music school. Shimamura started musical instrument sales at first to supply the pupils at their music schools. In the years since Shimamura have expanded their business opening new shops in the major shopping centers throughout Japan. Circa 2017 Shimamura Music was the largest musical instruments retailer in Japan, with 160 locations nationwide, and the third largest music school operator, after Yamaha and Kawai. They opened their first overseas store in Beijing in September, 2015.

Shimamura has several guitar house brands, including History, CoolZ, Ryoga and Laid Back.

Source: Shimamura Music website (accessed 27th January 2017)


Shimamura Music
6-37-3 Hirai Edogawa-ku
132-0035 Tokyo