product types: 

  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


SHS International was founded in 1990 as audio company which supplied and serviced sound reinforcement products to wholesale retailers in the midwest and southern regions of the United States. SHS steadily evolved to become a distributor of many different musical instrument and accessory items. SHS also created a range of brands, starting with the Morgan-Monroe line of acoustic bluegrass instruments. Soon after, more proprietary brands were created such as: Indiana Guitar Company, ModTone Guitar Effects, Eddy Finn Ukuleles, Indy Custom Guitars, Tune Tech Tuners, Sundown Amplification, Stone Case Company, Echosonic Strings, Royal Percussion, Stage Mate Accessories and the ongoing SHS Audio line. By 2017 SHS had branched into several global partnerships in the retail music industry supplying wholesale dealers and distributors, in nearly 25 international markets.