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Jeff Sigurdson is a maker of acoustic and classical guitars who has hand made over 800 instruments so far.  He specializes in building classical guitars in the styles of Hermann Hauser, Jose Romanillos, Daniel Friederich, Gernot Wagner, and Matthias Dammann; steel string guitars based on pre-war Martins; flamenco guitars heavily inspired by Manuel Reyes; Dyer-style harp guitars; and student versions of various models.

Sigurdson started making guitars in the mid 1980s as a self-taught maker, but his proper introduction to luthiery was a 2-year course in the late 1980s at Douglas College on traditional Spanish guitar building.  He studied with Michael Dunn (now retired), who studied with Casa Ferrer.  Sigurdson fell in love with the shape of a Dunn-made copy of a 1939 Hauser guitar, and devoted himself to on classical guitar building for four years. 

From 1992 to 2000, he worked with Jean Larrivée bracing guitar tops and hand-fitting neck-to-body dovetail joints.  While working in Larrivée’s small, custom shop in Vancouver, BC, he met Yusuke Kawakami, who introduced him to hot hide glues, which he now strictly uses in his entire guitar production. He had the opportunity to consult with Géza Burghardt many times on how to produce a fine, French polished finish which he now uses on all his guitars.

In 1998, Jeff co-founded the  short-lived Legend Guitar Company, which made limited productions of handmade, high-end steel string guitars.

Source: Sigurdson Guitars website (11 October 2023)


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