product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Jarek Konkol is the founder and the owner of Skervesen Guitars. In the 1980s Konkol began making guitars in his basement. This led to a search for knowledge about guitar making and for him to seek out opportunities to learn traditional guitar making. He spent the next 12 years working for the best regarded Polish guitar company where he further increased his skills. In 1998, he became fascinated by CAD CAM technology and devoted himself to furniture and interior design. This resulted in the creation of the Commelina company, which he still runs. In 2011 Konkol combined his CAD/CAM expertise with his guitar building knowledge and launched Skervesen guitars. Skervesen offer a range of electric guitars and basses, including 8 string and multiscale models.

Source: Skervesen Guitars website (22 February 2017)


Skervesen Guitars Pruszcz Gdański