product types: 

  • tube amplifiers


SONIC MACHINE FACTORY (SMF) was a boutique amplifier company founded by Mark Sampson and Rick Hamel. Mark Sampson is credited with the design of some famous brands of Class A tube guitar amplifiers (Matchless, Bad Cat). Mark started in tube circuitry design as a boy, working with his dad on vintage radios and televisions. Rick Hamel is also well known in the guitar industry for his original Class A tube circuitry designs. He developed his own line of tube effects pedals (SIB). Rick repaired and modified tube amps for pro players and started in analog circuitry as a telephone / communications engineer in the 1980's while playing in bands. SMF closed down around 2005 and Mark Sampson went on to start Star Amplifiers.


Sonice Machine Factory LLC. Los Angeles , CA
United States
California US