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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars
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The Steinberger name has become synonymous with innovation, advanced technology and a new tradition of instruments. It all began in l979 with Ned Steinberger‘s remarkable bass design, the L2. This unusual headless, all-composite bass created a sensation with artists and press alike. This bass was eventually awarded "Design of the Decade" by the Designers Society of America.

Beautiful to look at and a marvel of ergonomic design, the original Steinberger bass design also had superior performance. Composite construction provided improved sonic response, resulting in enhanced sustain and clarity. The material’s high rigidity meant, among other things, that a Steinberger neck would never warp. The headless design itself led to the development of Steinberger's ingenious Double-Ball system, which brought high levels of tuning precision to the instrument.

The popularity of the original Steinberger Bass prompted Steinberger to produce their first guitar model, the GL 2, starting in early l982. The GL 2 embodied the same advanced features as the L2 Bass. Augmented by the introduction of the Trans-Trem a revolutionary approach to tremolo design, Steinberger guitars gained a reputation for superior performance. In Ned's words: "The idea behind the Trans-Trem,. as with the headless concept, is to provide the musician with expanded opportunities for free expression.”

Today, these exceptional designs are available in a variety of models and styles. The Steinberger brand is now part of the Gibson family of guitar brands..