Stephen Stevens

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  • acoustic guitars
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Steve Stevens grew up in the Mid-West in a home with a well equipped workshop in the basement. His first guitar was created in the basement workshop while he was in high school. After college his workshops were more modest and budgets were tight so most work depended upon use of hand tools. This early hand tool use shaped his building techniques and the finishing details of Stevens' guitars were done by hand.
Stevens' other passions have had impact on his guitars. First came gun stocks. His experiences carving and shaping rifle stocks while in Southern Arizona gave him an eye for shapes that he used in his guitar neck carving. Then – some years later while back in Minnesota he made a number of banjo necks. That banjo work added inlay work and lamination to his building experience. Later in life he relocated to Bend, Oregon. The dry climate was perfect for building guitars and there were plenty of fishing spots within an hour of his home. By 2015 his guitar making was slowing down, due to his ALS diagnosis.

Source: Stephen Stevens Guitars website (archived 2016)


Stephen Stevens Bend , OR
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