product types: 

  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Christian Stoll started an unofficial apprenticeship at the Hopf company in 1978 where luthier Dragan Musulin took him under his wing. In 1983 Stoll opened a workshop in Aarstraße 276 in Taunusstein-Wehen. Soon he moved a few doors down in Aarstraße 268 and went full-time as a self-employed guitar maker. Stoll expanded his range by building electric guitars and basses as well as classical guitars. He later decided that in the long-term success could only be achieved through specialization, and Stoll now concentrates on the construction of acoustic guitars and basses. Stoll now works alongside a team of three other luthiers.

Source: Stoll website (28 March 2017)


Stoll Guitars (Christian Stoll) Werkstatt für Gitarrenbau
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