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  • acoustic guitars


Stonebridge Guitars had its origins back in 2004 when Roger Schmidt came across Furch Guitars at a music trade show in Germany. The next year, Roger started his own guitar distribution business and returned to the same trade show, where he offered to introduce Furch guitars to Canada and the United States.  Roger then began his new role as the official distributor and brand strategist of Furch guitars for North America. He decided to name them Stonebridge Guitars, which paid homage to the historical Charles Bridge in Prague.

In 2018 Furch had significantly expanded and modernized as a company and wanted full responsibility and control over their global branding. As a result, it was decided that Stonebridge Guitars would be rebranded as Furch Guitars in North America. Over the course of the next few years, the Stonebridge branded guitars were phased out entirely.

Source: Stonebridge Guitars International website (22 April 2022)


Stonebridge Guitars International
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