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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


.strandberg* Guitars grew out of a project called the Ergonomic Guitar System started  in 2007 by Ola Strandberg.  Ola had been making guitars since the mid eighties, but his innovative Ergonomic Guitar System designs quickly gained momentum through Internet forums. Soon he was able leave his day job in software, patent his EndurNeck™ neck shape and devote his time to making .strandberg* Guitars.  .strandberg* Guitars focus on egonomics with a headless design, comfortable EndurNeck profile, fanned frets and ergonomic body shape that enables multiple playing positions. .strandberg* Guitars' use proprietary hardware and often come in 6, 7 and 8 string models as well as basses.

Source: Strandberg Guitars website (17 September 2018)


Strandberg Guitars AB
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