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Stromberg Guitars was an American producer of archtop guitars prized by jazz guitarists. Between 1906 and 1955 they made about 640 guitars.  he company was founded by Charles Stromberg, a Swedish immigrant to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1906, who had learned the trade at the local Thompson & Odell company. His oldest son, Harry, worked with him until 1927, and in 1910, his son Elmer joined him in the business.

Initially Stromberg was making mainly banjos and mandolins, but when in the 1920s the guitar began to replace the banjo among professional musicians Stromberg followed suit and in 1927 produced their first carved-top guitars. The first series was the G-series, 16 inches wide. In the 1930s, Stromberg followed the direction indicated by Gibson and other companies, and began increasing the size of their guitars, widening the G-series (G-1 and G-2) and the Deluxe models to 17 inches.

The company's reputation is based mainly on its Master 300 and 400 archtop guitars (the latter inspired by the Gibson Super 400). They were first introduced in 1937, during the big band era, and their "mammoth" size (19-inch width) gave them the necessary volume to compete with horn sections.Just before World War II they started producing instruments with a cut-away as well, most notably the G-5.

By the end of 1955 both Charles and Elmer Stromberg had died in 1955 and the production of Stromberg guitars stopped. Recently the Stromberg brand has been revived by a company based in Florida and there are a range of new Stromberg models.


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