product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • delay effects
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Supersound Electronic Products was established by Alan and Mary Wootton in 1952 in Erith, UK. Initially started as a part time venture, they made amplifiers in their garage at home. After they moved to Hawley Grange, Dartford, Alan packed in his day job with Jennings Electronics Industries and worked full time for Supersound custom making record players, radiograms and amplifiers. He was also joined by Ron Hopkins, Dave Pankhurst and Bob Kilgour from Jennings.

By 1959 they were building guitar effects and were also making their own guitars and pickups. The company had moved to Kings Road, St Leonards and then again to Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings  - their main business was making amplifiers for Boosey & Hawkes and Rosetti as well as tape echo units. They had their own facilities for presswork, electronic wiring, coil and transformer wiring, plastic moulding, cabinet making, machining, turning, drilling, grinding, tool making, tape and disc recording, hot stamping of plastics, plastic forming etc., and were almost completely self-sufficient, only having to buy in raw materials and a few specialised components. They made all their own front plates and knobs for the amplifiers, and all the metal parts for the guitars.

As the 1950s drew to  a close  electric guitars and amplifiers were becoming more and more popular, other manufacturers appeared on the scene driving down costs. Distributors asked for bigger discounts and Supersound decided it was no longer viable to continue making guitars and amplifiers - instead they moved into film stripers and projector accessories. Alan died suddenly in 1973 at the age of 46  and the business was closed down in 1974.

Source: The Story of Supersound (1952 - 1974)  by Mary Wootton (10 June 2020)


Supersound Electronic Products
Mount Pleasant Road
Hastings , KEN
United Kingdom
Kent GB