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  • electric guitars


Chris Swope became interested in guitar building path in 1986, while in college in Lawrence, Kansas his house backed onto a music shop owned by Jim Baggett, (Antiques Roadshow, Heritage Auctions). Swope hung out in the shop and learned about guitar repair. Eventually Baggett encouraged him to go to New York, introducing him to NY guitar makers including Roger Sadowsky. From 1995-2002 Chris worked as production manager for Sadowsky Guitars in New York where he learned about electric guitars and basses  and also had valuable close hand experience of vintage guitars as Sadowsky also did many repairs. In 2002 Swope moved on to work for the Gibson Custom Shop first in the Pro Shop and in the Engineering Department. At Gisbson he was involved in prototyping new models and even designed a few guitars. From 2008 to 2013 Swope was a Guitar Advisor for Private Reserve Guitars before leaving to start Swope Guitars in 2014.

Source: Swope Guitars website (25 February 2017)