product types: 

  • banjos
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars
  • lap steel guitars
  • resonator guitars


The SX brand was launched in 1998 by an established Taiwanese guitar company. They founded a new company Team International Music Co., Ltd. in the 1990s when making guitars in Taiwan became too expensive and they moved production to China. They had originally planned to use the Essex brand name - but that was already taken so they settled on SX. The new brand proved to be a success and by 2003 the company were able to stop taking OEM orders to focus exclusively on SX instruments. Although Team does not own the Chinese factories they have their own quality control staff at each factories to oversee the production and make initial inspections.
With 4 drying rooms in their warehouse, capable of drying 6000 guitars at the same time. All the guitars are dried for 7 to 15 days (depending on the climate of the destination) and inspected before they are shipped out.

Source: SX website (28 July 2021)


1801, Building B, Central Plaza
22 Jianshe Damalu Road
510060 Guangzhou