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Taku Sakashta was inspired to become a lutheir after reading about the guitar designer Rick Turner. After graduation from a luthier engineering course, he started out working in the R&D department of a Japanese guitar company, working on special models. In 1995 he struck out on his own as a guitar builder. His customers included Tony Darren, Robben Ford, Tony Macus, Boz Scaggs, Ellen Stephenhorst, Martin Simpson, Tuck Andress and Pat Martino.

He established a workshop in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, California, an area with a high concentration of skilled string-instrument craftsman. His acoustic, arch-top and electric guitars were well respected internationally fetching as much as $30,000 each. He also made a line of pickups

Sakashta was murdered on February 11th or 12th 2010. Police were alerted by Sakashta's wife Kazuko when he failed to return home on time, and they found Sakashta's body outside his workshop. Local man Joshua Rhea ("Crash") Begley was arrested on February 15th 2010 on suspicion of the killing.



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