product types: 

  • metronomes
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


TAMA was a brand name of the Seisakusho Company in Aichi, Japan (founded in 1962 as part of Hoshino Gakki). Seisakusho initially produced guitars, amplifiers and drums for Ibanez. In 1974 the first TAMA branded guitar featured in a Ibanez brochure: a dreadnought acoustic guitar. In the next 3 years more steel-string and classical guitars were added to the TAMA line-up. The steel-strings were copies of Martin acoustic guitars. In 1977 TAMA changed their line of guitars and used a T-style logo on changed headstock design. In 1978 TAMA released their last guitar, the TG-190 as a limited top-of-the-line model. TAMA brand guitars were discontinued in 1979. The existing stock was sold to Ibanez, who carried on producing guitars in the factory with the same workers and design but rebranded as “Artwood Guitars”.

Source: The unofficial TAMA Acoustic Guitars website


Seisakusho Company Aichi