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Tao Guitars is a brand name of Belgian luthiers Serge Michiels and John Joveniaux who met met about around 2004 in Brussels when both were working for another luthier. Tao Guitars was founded and they soon had their first client in jazz guitarist Philip Catherine. Tao Guitars designs are ground breaking belonging to that select group of truly original designers like Wandre Ulrich Teuffel and Claudio Pagelli. Despite the ultra modern look of their designs they use traditional construction methods, even hand making some of the metal hardware. TAO Guitars works closely with their customers on each commission. As Serge and John handcraft everything, they are currently limited to a few instruments a year. Pricing depends on the options chosen, but ranges from $4,300 for the T-Bucket to $7,000 for the Disco Volante, and up to $24,000 for the Phaeton.


Tao Guitars SPRI (open by appointment only)
137 Rue Saint-Bernard
1060 Brussels , BRU
Brussels BE