Ted Crocker

product types: 

  • electric guitars
  • pickups
  • bass guitars
  • picks (plectrums)


Ted Crocker builds guitars and other musician gear, with a rustic design ethic Ted Crocker gear has instant mojo.  Crocker made the Honey-Dripper guitar featured in the blues movie Honeydripper.  The design brief was a handmade guitar neck nailed to a plank with strange wires. Crocker hand made the odd pickups, guitar and hardware, keeping in mind that it had to be an instrument up to the task of recording a movie soundtrack in a 21st century studio and surviving a movie set and location shoot. 

Ted Crocker is also part of the growing Cigar Box Guitar Revolution.  His designs run the gamut from CBGs with modern hardware and electronics to those that could have been made over a hundred years ago. Other Crocker products include Stonehenge pickups, Woodshed wooden picks and a range of harp microphones