Teisco guitars

Electric guitars (2)

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  • electric guitars
  • bass guitars


The Teisco was founded in 1946 by Japanese guitarist Atswo Kaneko, and electrical engineer Doryu Matsuda. The company was first called 'Aoi Onpa Kenkyujo' then in 1956 its name was changed to 'Nippon Onpa Kogyo Co', and finally to 'Teisco Co.' in 1964. Teisco stands for 'Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Company'. Teisco were taken over by Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Companyin 1967. Kawai then discontinued the Teisco guitars brand in 1969, although it survived on models sold in Japan until 1977.

Teisco guitars were often distributed under different brand names: in the USA Teisco, Teisco Del Rey, Kingston, World Teisco, Silvertone, Kent, Kimberly and Heit Deluxe were used. In the UK Teisco guitars were known to be sold under the Arbiter, Top Twenty, Audition and Kay brand names.

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